Real Cable Mini LP50

Real Cable
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Product Information

Pre-amp Phono Real Cable Mini LP50

This new REAL CABLE® phono preamplifier allows you to connect your disc deck directly to your amplifier when it has no phono input.

The engineers of REAL CABLE worked on the quality of the internal components of this phono preamplifier.
They have promoted a separate power supply, which allows total insulation.
This power supply gives us an excellent signal to noise ratio.
"We found it useful to avoid the use of linear power, a solution with a DC / DC converter in the Mini-LP50."
"The DC / DC converter used in our preamplifier works in high frequency (well above 20 KHz), which allows us to have a complete cancellation of filter residuals at 50 Hz and 100 Hz.
This results in a listening quality devoid of any internal noise.
The chart opposite demonstrates the importance of this power supply in our Mini LP50 compared to other competing brands that do not use this technology. "

"RC filters (resistance / capacitor) have been added in the input stages of our Mini LP50. We have therefore used 4 filters coupled in pairs on each channel in order to avoid any noise superimposed on the signal. "

 Simply extraordinary. The REAL CABLE Mini LP50 becomes the reference preamplifier. "

• Reference MINI-LP50
• Power supply Adapter 220 V AC / DC 12 V
• Consumption 100 mA (average)
• Input impedance 47 K Ohms MM / 100-Ohms ™
• Output impedance 50K Ohms
• Amplifier? Cation 34 dB MM / 60 dB MC
• Frequency range 30 Hz - 20 KHz
• Compensation Correction RIAA
• SB Ratio 80 dB MM / 75 dB MC