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Alctron PF 04

Micro accessory

Alctron Anti-Pop Filter PF 04 Filter anti pop using two separate layers of nylon in the form of two different discs. The efficiency is really more important and will give you a more efficient rendering during your recordings. It is fully adjustable and fixed on any type of microphone stand. Black finish....

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Alctron MA 032

Micro accessory

The MA 032 is a metal anti pop filter specially designed to reduce nuisance when taking sound. It is very broad to cover a large surface and to be very effective against the "pops" when one is too ready for the microphone....

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Various accessory

Universal cable tester specifically designed for the middle of the sound . Makes it possible to test any type of audio cables. Specifications: -XLR (3 points) male and female -Jack Balanced and unbalanced 6.35mm -RCA Fact sheets Banana DIN MIDI Fact sheets -Speakon 2 and 4 points -Easy To use with its rotary knob 5 positions Individual -LEDs indicating the result for each cable -Fabrication With a robust metal chassis -Works With 9V battery -Size : 160...

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Alctron EM 20C Serre tête


EM 20C Headband Connector Mini Xlr 4 Points The EM 20C is an ultra-light and high-performance, professional chair microphone that is ideal for applications such as conferences, singing and conferences. It comes with a mini XLR connector 4 points Shure type. Technical characteristics : - Electret type capsule -Directivity: omnidirectional Frequency response: 20 - 20 Khz -Sensitivity: -45 dB +/- 3dB -Impedance: 2K Ohms +/- 3d...

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Alctron HPA002

Headphone pro

The HPA 002 is an evolution of HPA 001. Buttons aluminum and blue metallic finish marked the difference with the first generation. This headphone preamp very compact multi-channel has a high power exit. It has a separate power supply and manufactured from steel . It has 4 inputs with headphone separate volume control , a stereo / mono switch and an RCA L + R input . Note Link in a Jack 6.35mm stereo. It is ideal for small installations or small home studios. Cha...

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Alctron LS 001 AL


- LS 001 Alctron AL - Notebook stand specially designed for DJs and musicians working on MAO. - The LS 001 AL is very convenient to store and takes up very little space when folded. - It is constructed of lightweight aluminum and can host also a hard disk or an audio interface in your laptop....

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Alctron DI 120 B


The DI 120 B is a one-channel passive direct box. It converts a high impedance signal from the jack to a low impedance signal on the XLR jack. It will be very convenient to connect most instruments on a multipaire. Technical characteristics: - Inputs on high impedance jacks -Symmetrical outputs on XLR and Jack jack -Switch for grounding -Attenuator (0dB, -20dB and -40dB) -High-strength metal fabrication Rubber Coverings -Dimensions: 130 x 115 x 50 mm -We...

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Alctron LS 005 T

Stand son

Support d'ordinateur Alctron LS 005 T Le LS 005T est un stand Dj dernière génération spécialement adapté aux Deejays désireux de posséder un outil très facilement pliable, robuste, léger et pratique en toutes circonstances avec tous les réglages disponibles. Caractéristiques techniques : - Fabrication soigné en aluminium - Stable et robuste idéal pour Deejays et musiciens - Repliable très rapidement - Très léger, pratique pour le transport - Complètement r...

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Alctron PF30

Micro accessory

Anti-Pop Filter The PF30 is undoubtedly the ultimate anti-pop filter. With its simple installation, featherweight, aluminum structure and acoustic qualities it will become the indispensable accessory for all your sounds. The filter is fixed with a metal support on a single microphone stand using a special support. We can then fix a studio microphone for the sound recording. The rendering is really surprising for a really inexpensive investment. Specifications: ...

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Alctron VM 6


Micro canon Alctron VM 6 The VM 6 is a Canon type microphone for professional use on camera and camcorder. It is very easy to use and easy to fix thanks to its compact size and ultra-low weight. It is ideal for an amateur or professional cameraman with a very practical and current fixing system. On a more technical level, it has a level control with three positions allowing to respond quickly or instantly to changes of recording environment and a high pass filter at 80 Hz. Also note...

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Alctron MA 614

Stand son

The MA 614 is a microphone stand of the Broad Cast luxurious type articulated specially designed to receive studio, radio or the same type of microphones. It attaches easily to a table using its ultra fast fastening system. Comes with XLR female / XLR male cable of 9m. With its highly refined aluminum construction, it will be perfect for professionals who want to have a robust work tool with remarkable finishes. The microphones will be perfectly maintained and will not fall regardless o...

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