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Information about Panasonic

Panasonic (Panasonic Corporation) is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world and nearly 600 companies. Under the Panasonic, National, Technics and Quasar brands, we produce and sell more than 15 000 products worldwide. Our goal is to constantly improve our products to better satisfy you in your daily life.

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Panasonic BDT167EF

Video Salon

See the world in 3D and enjoy more content The BDT167 is a Smart Network 3D Blu-ray player capable of reproducing a wide range of content, such as videos distributed over the Web by YouTube and NETFLIX, as well as photos on an external hard drive. BD-ROM FULL HD 3D / BD-Video yes BD-RE / BD-RE DL (Ver.3) BDAV / BDMV / JPEG / MPO / FLAC / WAV / AAC / WMA / MP3 / ALAC / DSD yes BD-R / BD-R DL (Ver.2) BDAV / BDMV / Xvid / MKV / FLAC / WAV / AAC / WMA / MP3 / ALAC / ...

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Panasonic DMP-BDT180EF

Video Salon

Superb image quality 4K upconversion, 4K JPEG playback Wide variety of online content Internet Apps Share your content with other devices. DLNA FULL HD 3D / BD-Video yes Power consumption 13W Power Consumption Standby (Quick Start Off) 0.5W Power Consumption Standby (Quick Start On) 5.5W Video Signal PAL / NTSC Power supply 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz BDAV / BDMV / JPEG / MPO / FLAC / WAV / AAC / WMA / MP3 / ALAC / DSD yes BDAV / BDMV / Xvid / MKV / FLAC / WAV / AAC / WMA /...

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Panasonic DMP-BDT380EF

Video Salon

Introducing the blu-ray player PANASONIC DMP-BDT380EF Designation: PANASONIC DMP-BDT380EF (DMPBDT380) Blu-Ray 3D / HD Player with Wifi Date of release (approx.): March 2016 Specifications Audio and Video from blu-ray player PANASONIC DMP-BDT380EF Audio Decoders: Dolby Digital (AC3): yes Dolby Digital Plus: yes Dolby TrueHD: yes DTS: yes DTS-HD: yes DTS HD MA (Master Audio) Essential: yes 2D / 3D converter: Yes (2D / 3D converter: gives a depth effe...

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Panasonic AG-AC30EJ

Pro Video

Panasonic AG-AC30 Semi-professional handheld camcorder model with outstanding performance in low light conditions The AG-AC30 is a hand-held camcorder that delivers excellent low-light performance and a host of professional features and tools, allowing the user to shoot close-ups and wide shots with a wide range of focal lengths. (20x zoom and 29.5mm wide angle). Its LED video light with 2 light filters allows reliable shooting even for night scenes and in dark ...

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Panasonic IPA PT-EW730E

Projector Video

Presentation Eco-friendly, light and easy to maintain, Panasonic's new range of LCD projectors meets the demanding needs of customers with its versatility and flexibility at an affordable price. Optical compatibility / video projector • PT-EX520E, PT-EX620E, PT-EW550E, PT-EW650E, PT-EZ590E: compatible with IPA ET-ELT30, ET-ELT31, ET-ELW30 and ET-ELW31. • PT-EX800E, PT-EW730E, PT-EZ770E: compatible with IPA ET-ELT20, ET-ELT21, IPA ET-ELW20, ET-ELW21, ET-ELW22...

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