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IMG stage line DMP-12CC


IMG STAGE LINE DMP-12cc Connection cable for insertion modules of the DMP -... series as well as M-32CD and M-34CDP Plug-and-play adapter cable for connecting DMP-100, DMP-100T, DMP-200, DMP-250, M-32CD and M-34CDP to an amplifier or mixer 5-pin multi-pin connector to RCA L / R jack and low voltage jack 5.5 / 2.1 mm Total cable length: approx. 40 cm Technical specifications DMP-12CC DMP-12cc Type connection cable Suitable for in...

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IMG stage line DMP-100R


IMG STAGE LINE DMP-100R USB MP3 PLAYER MODULE Compact MP3 insertion module, with USB interface, SD / MMC card slot and mono recording function. USB storage media can be connected directly For SD / MMC cards (FAT16 / FAT32), optionally available Recording function in voice quality (mono) Autostart function Fast forward and back Repeat the function (repeat 1, repeat all) Green backlit LCD display Comes with infrared remote control The RCA DM...

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IMG stage line LS-280 / SW


8-way line distributor IMG Stage line LS-280 / SW • 2 separate entrances • Selectable operating modes: • 1. A input on 4 outputs, • input B on 4 outputs • 2. entrance A out of 8 exits • XLR connections and gain adjustment for all inputs and outputs • Signal display and Peak for dual LED inputs TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS LS-280 / SW type separator Frequency range 20-20 000 Hz 100 mV input signal 15 kΩ input impedance ...

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IMG stage line STA-300D

Power Amplifier sono

IMG Stageline STA-300D Class D Stereo Sound Amplifier - 2 operating modes can be selected (stereo or bridge) - The limiter function can be activated if necessary - 2 levels of control - Temperature controlled fan - Protection circuit with LED indication for protection against short circuits, overheating and DC voltage superposition at the outputs - Each channel with LEDs indicating overload (clip) and signal TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS STA...

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IMG stage line STA-553D

Power Amplifier sono

Professional 3-Channel Digital Amplifier -Concept class D -Variable cut-off frequency for Sat and Sub -3 level settings -Temperature regulating fan -Protection against short-circuit, overheating, presence of DC voltage at the outputs via protection circuit with LED display -LEDs for clipping (CLIP) and signal per channel Technical characteristics  Channels 3  Zones -  Nominal power -  RMS power under 2 Ω -  RMS power under 4 Ω 2 x 150 W (Sat...

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IMG stage line DSP-26

Studio Outboard

The DSP-26 is a speaker management system with modern DSP processors and digital converters. This system combines the components: active frequency filters, parametric equalizers, delay, DMX compressor and Peak limiter in one and the same device. All functions and settings may vary for all 6 output channels. Direct use on the device or via the intuitive interface on the PC (or MAC) via the USB interface. Digital Speaker Management System 2 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs (XLR, ...

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