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Artnovion GlueART Glue Tube

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ARTNOVION GlueART Glue Tube Glue for substrates: cement - painted surfaces - stone - wallpaper - plasterboard - wood - particle board - metals - expanded plastic - PVC - mineral fibers...

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Artnovion dBA UL-EPDM HP (1m x 5m)


Artnovion dBA UL-EPDM HP MEMBRANE ROLL HP Réf. AN/MROLL/HP* Heavy absorbent layer The UL EPDM HP dBA is an EPDM-based heavy-mass acoustic barrier with a layer of acoustic absorbent that recycles the textile fiber. Can be used independently or incorporated in a multilayer construction system, on walls, ceilings or floors. The absorbent material increases its efficiency and allows its direct application into the air cavities, thus reducing the sound tra...

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Artnovion Loa SQR Absorber - black cloth Nero - pack of 6m


ARTNOVION Loa SQR Absorber - black cloth Nero - pack of 6 Acoustic performance: Absorption range | 350Hz to 4000Hz Acoustic class | B (αw) | 0.8 (M) Loa SQR Absorber - FG | FR +: 595x595x40mm Finishing material: FG (furniture quality) FR + (Improved fire rate) Integrated fastening system | FixArt Tube | FixArt Clip l GlueArt | Cloud FixArt | Mobile Wall Kit Warning: When using FixArt Tube on the ceiling, i...

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