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Information about PowerWorks

Be it a party sound system, a PA for bands and DJs, or a fixed installation, PowerWorks® offers topdrawer sound even at peak levels! HK AUDIO® engineers developed the PowerWorks® line in a state-of-the-art acoustics lab. Power-Works® enclosures are exclusively equipped with high-quality Eminence® loudspeakers, custombuilt in the USA especially for PowerWorks®.

All the considerable experience of HK AUDIO® engineers, painstakingly matched components and crossovers, and the quality of true Old World craftsmanship endow the PowerWorks® line with the power to deliver rich, full, commanding sound.
Featuring a wide selection of passive and active models that may be mixed and matched in a variety of configurations, PowerWorks® offers the right solution for the most diverse applications. And it does so at such reasonable prices that anyone can afford to enjoy audio quality engineered by HK AUDIO®.

22.00inc VAT

PowerWorks CAB 2122

Pro Cables


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PowerWorks LS-001PLUS



209.00inc VAT
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PowerWorks FP8-A

Speaker Pro


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