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Gravity MS 3122 HDB

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Gravity MS 3122 HDB Heavy Duty Microphone Shorts Stand with Folding Tripod Base - Micro Court Foot - Extra-heavy design, very short legs - Telescopic boom, maximum length 88 cm - Ideal for taking a bass drum sound The GMS 3122 HB is a high-end microphone stand, made with particularly strong and thick tubes, finished in black powder-coated finish. Its very stable base is a tripod, whose die-cast zinc bell accommodates without play the steel legs, wel...

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Gravity SP 3202 Each

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Gravity SP 3202 Foot For Studio Monitor - Solid cast iron base - Steel shelf with foam cushioning coating - Black powder coated finish - Maximum load 50 kg - Supplied with decoupling points The Gravity GSP 3202 Studio Monitor Stand has a heavy duty triangular cast iron base and a 25 x 25 cm steel shelf with foam cushioning liner. Its height is adjustable from 90 to 150 cm, for optimal positioning of the enclosure, and it comes with a set of decouplin...

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Gravity LS 331 B

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Gravity LS 331 B Lighting Foot with Base Steel Square Large and heavy steel base, for better stability 35 mm bar with male threaded insert M20 Maximum height 2.4 m The LS 331 B is a Lighting Foot with a large, heavy square steel base, providing high stability and accommodating a single extension, for extension to a maximum height of 2.4 m. The 35 mm bar incorporates a M20 male threaded insert, the base tube having a female end M20. Two integrated handles make it easy to...

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