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JB Sytems JB1200


JB Systems JB1200 Large recessed speaker handle General: DJ & Club Usage, Stage & Rental General: Weight (kg) 0.1...

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JB Sytems JB52

Stand son

Pied de micro noir JB Systems JB52 Le JB52 est simple et compact. Il est complètement pliable pour qu’il ne prenne que peu d’espace. Grâce au petit format du JB Systems 52 il est très pratique. Specifications : - Pied de micro noir - Hauteur : 17 cm - Complètement pliable...

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JB Sytems HP1500 PRO

Headphone pro

Jb Systems Hp1500 Pro DJ Stereo Headphones Light and powerful, very well insulated. For parties as for the mix at home. Exceptional sound even at high sound levels. Easily foldable, perfect for mobile applications. 3m detachable twisted cable with 90 ° angle jack (3.5mm + 6.3mm). Usage DJ & Club, Stage & Rental Weight (kg) 0.35 aluminum color Characteristics : - Bandwidth: 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Max Power: 1000 mW - Impe...

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JB Sytems MIRROR BALL 12/30 CM

Accessory Light

MIRROR BALL 12 "/ 30cm 12 "/ 30cm mirror ball Description (Faceted balls available in different sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm) Fine facets, good finish General: DJ & Club use, Stage & Rental General: Dimensions (cm) dia 30 cm General: Weight (kg) 2.13...

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Smoke machine

JBSYSTEMS FIRE FOG A powerful fog machine with amber LED light to color the fog - A powerful fog machine with amber LED light to color the fog - Perfect for mobile DJs, parties, clubs, home use ... - intense fog output - Manual wired remote control included - Fog liquid level gauge - Uses JB Systems "Standard" or "High Tech" fog fluids.   DJ & Club Usage   Dimensions (cm) 24x12x16.3   Weight (kg) 1.81   240V AC power supply, 50Hz...

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JB Sytems SPR2150

Pro Cables

JB Systems SPR2150 Round cable of very good quality 2x1.50mm² (100m coil)...

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JB Sytems MIRROR BALL 16/40 CM

Accessory Light

MIRROR BALL 16 "/ 40CM Mirror ball 16 "/ 40cm Description (Faceted balls available in different sizes: 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm) Fine facets, good finish General: DJ & Club use, Stage & Rental General: Dimensions (cm) dia 40 cm General: Weight (kg) 3.5...

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JB Sytems PWX 18/400


PWX 18/400 SUBWoofer 18" / 400Wrms General : Application DJ & Club, Stage & Rental General : Dimensions (cm) 45.7 cm General : Weight (kg) 15 Audio : min. frequency (Hz) 40 Audio : max. frequency (Hz) 2000 Audio : diameter woofer (inch) 18" Audio : Wrms 8Ω stereo, per channel 400 SPECIFICATIONS Nominal diameter 457mm.18in Nominal impedance 8 ohm Power rating 400w RMS Sensitivity (1w/1m) 98dB±3dB Frequency range 40-2KHz Voice ...

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JB Sytems YETI - Snow machine

Smoke machine

JBSYSTEMS YETI A powerful 1200W snow machine A powerful 1200 W snow machine Produces a large amount of artificial snowflakes. Adjustable snow outlet volume: via the wired remote controller (supplied). via the wireless remote control (supplied). Recommended Liquid: JB Systems Snow Liquid Usage DJ & Club, Stage & Rental Dimensions (cm) 53x26x32 Weight (kg) 8.7 240V AC power supply, 50Hz "Energy" label No W 1200 power consumption...

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JB Sytems DSP-4 Mk2

Accessory Light

Dimmer / switch pack multifunctional equipped with 4 outlets (Schuko). Prepared for use with low power LED loads: works with minimum loads of only 10 watts per channel. Maximum output power: 4x 1850W (Maxtot = 3450W / 15A). Thanks to the design of the supports19 ", the DSP-4 MK2 can be mounted in different ways: - Installation in standard 19 "rack - Fixing to the wall for permanent installations - Installation in or under an ALU bridge using hooks Lockable DMX inputs / outputs wit...

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JB Sytems MIX 5.2 zone mixer


JB SYSTEMS MIX 5.2 zone mixer Mixer with 5 channels and 2 independent zones. The perfect mixer for pubs, taverns, hotels, shops, etc ... 2 independent zones, each with balanced XLR outputs (+ unbalanced by cinch connectors) Each zone has 3-band tone control, balance, volume and mono / stereo selector 11 inputs on 5 channels (5 balanced mic + 4 line + 2 phono) 1 microphone with 3-band tone control and adjustable talkover, assignable to a zone Each cha...

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JB Sytems AMP 150.4

Power Amplifier sono

JBSYTEM AMP 150.4 Professional 4-way power amplifier in an extremely compact cabinet 480 mm (H: 44 mm). High efficiency class D electronics ensure high power and very low heat dissipation. It is perfect for fixed applications (pubs, shops, hotels, restaurants, ...) The unit houses two separate Class D amplification blocks that are independently configurable to achieve the following combinations: The two amplification blocks in stereo mode: 4x 150 W RMS...

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