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SHOWTEC LED PINSPOT DMX - Black Pinspot LED DMX is a projector Wash RGB. Light source 66 high performance LEDs (22 red, 22 green and 22 blue), a life of 100,000 hours. DMX LED Pinspot operates in standalone mode or DMX-512 4-channel. Dimensions (L x W x H): 155x140x185 (mm) Weight : 0.94 Kg Consumption / power : 8 W DMX channels : 4 Type of lamps: 3 x 22...

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Showtec LED Operator 4


SHOWTEC LED OPERATOR 4 Commande dmx The Operator 4 LED is a compact DMX controller for LEDs with 3 or 4 channel modes (RGB, RGBW or RGBA). It is an easy-to-use controller with built-in manual playback or sound activated options. The Operator 4 LED can control devices in four different groups independently of each other. Its one-touch, pre-mixed color buttons, built-in chases, and dimmer and strobe controls make it perfect for any operator looking for easy control for any LED device....

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Showtec D7402



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Showtec Cameleon Bar 12/3


Showtec IP65 outdoor lighting bars Cameleon Bar 12/3 The Cameleon Bar 12/3 is designed to be used indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for spaces where a small bar with high brightness is needed, such as wallwashing effects, projection structures and lighting of catwalk bridges. This camera is extremely bright and generates perfect color mixing and wallwashing effects. The LED bar is very easy to install and can be used in all kinds of applications. Specific...

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Showtec Cameleon Bar 24/3


Showtec IP65 outdoor lighting bars Cameleon Bar 24/3 The Cameleon Bar 24/3 is a powerful and compact device that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its specially designed case has a stylish design and has a convection cooling system that avoids the use of a fan. Specifications: Lux (@ 2 meters) Red 730 Lux (@ 2 meters) Green 1135 Lux (@ 2 meters) Blue 1435 Lux (@ 2 meters) Full 3180 Max distance : 10 m Color range: 16.7 ...

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