4. Delivery in France

After order confirmation, Auditorium26 sas is committed to delivering confident in the transportation, items ordered by the buyer within a maximum of 72 hours worked according to availability dates announced on the site.

If out of stock, you will receive a confirmation within 3 days of the response to your request. Long out of stock (+ 21 days) you will receive an order cancellation, you will be refunded.

Auditorium26 reserves the right to charge a contribution towards postage, according to criteria of weight of volume or price of goods, this participation will be offered in the validation.

The equipment ordered is for the personal use of customers, they shall not resell products. Auditorium26 fact emerges from liability if the payment of taxes was not made by the customer.
The material will be removed on-site at:
27, Avenue de Larrieu 31100 Toulouse.
Otherwise delivery will be made by EXAPAQ SA or POST Collissimo for parcels of less than 30Kg, for large and heavy shipments to another carrier will be chosen.

Delivery is made the day for the direct delivery of the parcel to the addressee,
in case of absence, the delivery of parcels to a person authorized by the customer, shall be your full responsibility, with agreement with the carrier.

The possible delays do not entitle the buyer to claim damages.
The goods always travel at the risk of the recipient. In case of defects, the buyer has the right to return under the following conditions:

During delivery, unpack and inspect your product in presence of the delivery, even if the packaging is intact. Do not sign under any external pressure. If he does not agree, give the reason of the delivery: "The driver will not assist in unpacking the package". This is the only means of dispute in case of damaged or missing.

If the product is damaged or missing in part:

1. Refuse the product and write "REFUSED"
2. Describe precisely the damage on the right you sign.

RESERVES NOT VALID: "Subject to unpacking" or "packaging intact, damaged product"

An order can be delivered several times to the customer. The customer only pays once the postage, unless otherwise agreed.
The parcel outside France will be made after your acceptance of our terms. (Corsica - Dom-Tom - Foreign)

5. Withdrawal
Any reference material must be accompanied by a "RETURN NUMBER"

It is important to keep the packaging of products for a minimum of one month, any product returned without packaging will not be refunded.

The condition of the product and its packaging will be judged on his return both technical and aesthetic criteria.

You 7 days (from receipt of items) to form an opinion.

For an exchange or refund, return the item new in its original packaging, packing and cons so as not to suffer the deterioration of adhesives;
with all accessories, instruction manuals and documentation to:
with "RETURN NUMBER" Invoice and letter of explanation to:

Auditorium 26
27, Avenue de Larrieu
31100 Toulouse

Upon exercise of the right of withdrawal, Auditorium26 reimburse the sums paid by the customer at no charge, except for the return postage.
Repayment is due within a maximum of 15 days after the return of the parcel.
This option is offered to withdraw the holder of the bill or his major.
In the case of a financed transaction, the client will make the matter of breach of contract with the lender, repayment of the amount borrowed can not be made to the customer without the express consent of the lender.

This withdrawal of sale can never be applied on items made to measure or various software (Cabling, Software or portion of software, Bulbs, and cells phono styli, Special Rack, Special Order previously accepted by the buyer )

"Stop Business"
"Hardware Exhibition"

This material can be unwrapped and exposed, the purchaser agrees validating and checking the box

"I accept the terms of sale" in any event the purchase of a product with or without visible alterations, no return for refund and only for the cost of return to his office. "