Shure MX391-O

Shure MX391-O
Shure MX391-O
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Warranty: 24 months

Product Information


Miniature Surface Micros - Omni Black Mini

Strong points :
• Elegant and compact
• Very good sensitivity
• 3 different directivities - interchangeable capsule
• 2 colors
• Usable on a pocket transmitter
• Immunity to GSM interference

The Microflex ™ series is a range of installation microphones offering a wide choice of models, whether wired or wireless, to meet all needs for integration in fixed installation or applications in sound.
This range of microphones is intended for broadcast, theater, and the conference.
All models have interchangeable capsules with a choice of omnidirectional, cardioid or supercardioid directionality.

Miniature surface effect microphone with 4m integral cable and TA4F connector. It incorporates the new detachable preamp RK100PK immunized against interference due to GSM; its 12db gain can be changed to 0dB. Black color. Omnidirectional.

Technical characteristics :

 Static Capsule Electret
 Omnidirectional Directivity: MX391 / O
 Frequency response 50 Hz to 17 kHz
 Output impedance 180 Ohms
 Omnidirectional Sensitivity: -22 dBV / Pa (79.4 mV)
 at 1 kHz, open circuit voltage Cardioid: -30 dBV / Pa (31.6 mV)
 1 Pascal = 94 dB SPL Supercardioid: -28 dBV / Pa (39.8 mV)
 Maximum SPL level Omnidirectional: 111 dB
 at 1 kHz with 1% cardioid DHT: 119 dB
 Charge 1 kΩ Supercardioid: 118 dB
 Own noise Omnidirectional: 15 dB SPL
 Cardioid weighted: 23 dB SPL
 Supercardioid: 21 dB SPL
 Signal-to-noise ratio Omnidirectional: 80 dB
 Reference 94 dB SPL at 1 kHz Cardioid: 71 dB
 Supercardioid: 73 dB
 96 dB dynamic range
 (at 1 kHz)
 Saturation level of the preamp -6 dBV (0.5V)
 at 1% of DHT
 4 m integral cable - TA4F connector
 Detachable Preamp - TA4M Input - XLR3M Output
 Phantom Power 11 to 52V - 2 mA