Yamaha DXR10 MKII

Yamaha DXR10 MKII
Yamaha DXR10 MKII
Yamaha DXR10 MKII
  • Speaker Pro Yamaha DXR10 MKII
  • Speaker Pro Yamaha DXR10 MKII
  • Speaker Pro Yamaha DXR10 MKII
Yamaha DXR10 MKII
Yamaha DXR10 MKII
Yamaha DXR10 MKII
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Compact, but capable of producing a peak efficiency of 132 dB SPL!

The compact and practical design of the DXR10mkII is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Whether it is a simple vocal / instrumental amplification, a return to the ground, the DXR10mkII offers performance without compromising sound quality and power.

48Bit Ultra-Precise DSP processing = HiFi sound

Wideband models use a FIR-X tuning ™ digital filter which, thanks to the FIR linear phase filter, optimizes the phase response at the connection frequency of the LF bass and HF treble transducers. The result is obvious and provides precision and smoothness impossible to obtain with conventional filters. The signals are processed by DSP working in 48 bits (accumulator on 76 bits). The A / D and D / A conversion is carried out in 24 bits by components of high precision, signal / noise ratio and superior dynamics.

Intelligent dynamic control = clear sound at all sound levels

The D-CONTOUR is an intelligent multi-band compressor that provides consistent and consistent power at all sound levels. It constantly calculates the best equalization so as to maintain clarity, musicality and dynamics up to extreme levels. For the DXR series, the D-CONTOUR offers two basic settings: FOH / MAIN mode for front panel sound system, and MONITOR mode for use in stage monitors. These two modes allow either to reinforce the bass when the speakers are suspended, or to attenuate it when the speakers are placed on the ground and benefit from coupling by acoustic reflection.

Multiple protections by DSP = security

In the case of a public address system composed of passive speakers, filters and separate amplifiers, acoustic calibration remains a delicate problem. One of the advantages of active speakers is that the filtering and equalization settings have already been made for you at the factory. During the development of the DSR, DXR and DXS speakers, we measured and tested the performance and resistance of the transducers, filter electronics and amplifiers through a series of listening tests indoors and outdoors. The results of these different tests allowed us to obtain the best limiter settings for each speaker model thanks to the very precise control of the DSPs. In addition, our speakers incorporate many of the protection circuits managed by DSP found in our professional amplifiers of the TXn series. A microprocessor associated with a DSP continuously analyzes the state of the different audio stages, power supply, amplification, components in order to control their operation and ensure maximum security. The DXR broadband models as well as the DXS boxes are equipped with an LED indicator for operation on the front panel. This light also indicates the operation of the limiter and can be turned off using a switch on the rear panel.

1100W class D amplifiers

- New compact and powerful amplifier modules All DXR models are fitted with the same Class D amplifier module specially designed for HF and LF transducers. This amplifier delivers a power of 1100 watts and can provide a sound pressure of 133dB. Power is not enough. An extremely fast response to transient signals greatly contributes to the accuracy and sound quality of the speaker. - Universal switching power supply The DXR speakers use a brand new cutting-edge power supply that is very efficient and accepts all the mains voltages in the world.

Integrated three-channel mixer

The DXR speakers all incorporate a simple mixer with three inputs, perfect for the sound of a singer and two stereo instruments. Input 1: microphone / line in XLR with adjustable gain. In the micro position, a low-cut filter is automatically activated to remove annoying frequencies at the bottom of the spectrum. Input 2: stereo in 6.35mm jacks, separate volume control. Input 3: stereo in RCA, separate volume control. HPF filter: all DXRs have an HPF filter (low cut) adjustable to 100Hz or 120Hz. This filter allows you to correctly connect the bass frequencies when using a subwoofer. THRU output: returns the microphone input (XLR) LINK output: returns the mix of inputs to another speaker (daisy chain) or, in stereo mode, returns the right channel to another speaker to ensure stereo broadcasting (LINK MODE ).

Compact ABS enclosures = reliability, aesthetics

The cases of the wide band models are in molded ABS, non-resonant, specially designed to dampen vibrations, and minimize distortion. DXR loudspeakers are fitted with painted metal grilles and ergonomic aluminum handles.

Cut sides design = versatility front / back

The DXR12 and DXR15's enclosure design enables mirror-mode monitor placement that creates a symmetrical sound field for the performer with a larger, more defined “sweet spot”. Used in either a balanced dual-mono configuration or a stereo monitor mix setup, mirror-mode floor monitoring can enhance your performance considerably.

Double 35mm well = optimized coverage

The DXRs have two wells to place them on tripods or 35mm standard supports. The second well allows the speaker to be tilted 7 degrees down to provide better coverage of the audience area if the speakers are placed at a height.

Threaded inserts, lyre-type supports = easy integration

DXR loudspeakers are fitted with threaded inserts to fix them in height using slings (eye screws not supplied). These same threads will be used to fix the speakers on lyre-shaped supports (optional) horizontally or vertically.

Technical characteristics:

- Speaker type: 2-way bi-amplified 10-inch speaker, bass reflex type
- Frequency response (-10dB): 56Hz - 20kHz
- Nominal coverage: horizontal 90 ° / vertical 60 °
- Components:
* LF: 10 inch speaker with 2.5 inch voice coil
* HF: 1.75 inch diaphragm with 1 inch compression output with neodymium magnet
- Filtering: FIR-X tuning ™ (linear phase FIR filter)
- Power: Dynamic 1100W (LF 950W - HF 150W) / Continuous: 700W (LF 600W - HF 100W)
- Maximum efficiency SPL (at 1 m in the axis): 132dB SPL
- Input / output connectors:
* INPUT 1: XLR-3-pin x1,
* INPUT 2: Jack x2,
* INPUT 3: RCA x 2,
* THRU: XLR-3-pin x1 (Parallel with INPUT 1),
* LINK OUT: XLR-3-pin x1
- Processor / DSP: D-CONTOUR: FOH / MAIN, MONITOR, OFF (LED deactivable)
- Mounting and hanging: M8 x 15mm thread (2 on the top / 1 on the back)
- Base for foot: base 35mm well with 2 positions (0 ° and 7 ° tilt)
- Power supply: 100V - 240V, 50Hz / 60 Hz
- Power consumption: 110W
- Optional moving head
- Dimensions: 305 x 502 x 310 mm
- Net weight: 13.9 Kg