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Teac CD-P1260

Cd player Hifi

Lecteur CD Teac CD-P1260 La réputation de TEAC pour la réalisation de lecteurs CD de grande qualité n’est plus à faire, aujourd’hui la société est l’un des leaders du domaine (y compris dans l’informatique). La platine CD-P1260 est capable de lire tous les formats CD-R/RW et MP3. Elle dispose d’un convertisseur audio numérique-analogique de haute qualité musicale. POINTS FORTS : - Lecteur CD, CD-R/RW et MP3. - Sortie stéréo RCA et casque en façade ...

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Teac UD-H01

Sreaming and Network player

DAC Audio USB Teac UD-H01 The TEAC UD-H01 brings high-end digital-to-analog conversion to an affordable package for component or computer audio playback. Three digital inputs are provided: coaxial, optical, and a USB 2.0 input for connection to Mac or Windows computers. These connect to a premium-quality Burr Brown PCM1795 dual DAC with up to 192kHz/32-bit audio resolution for the highest-quality sources. The device can receive data asynchronously meaning the timing signal is inclu...

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Teac MC-D800


The MC-D800 is a unique audio player that supports a wide variety of audio media spanning the history of human invention, from 78rpm SP records from the good ol’days, to the latest smartphone technology with state-of-the-art connectivity. An auto-return 3-speed turntable supports 33, 45 and 78 rpm vinyl discs, while Bluetooth® wireless connection allows users to enjoy wireless audio streaming from iPhone/Android phones. Main Features Bluetooth® Wireless Audio Streaming with Instant...

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Teac CD-RW890

Cd player Hifi

The TEAC CD-RW890 records to CD-R or CD-RW media and is well suited for dubbing or event recording. Record from the analog inputs while monitoring the level on the front-panel vacuum fluorescent display. Compact discs are clamped onto a center-mounted drive mechanism for minimal vibration, reducing jitter distortion for clearer sound. Of course the CD-RW890 also functions as a full-featured CD player, with multiple playback modes and a S/PDIF optical output. It includes a wireless re...

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Teac TEAC TN-570 Noir

vinyl turntable

Specs Design Turntable 33 and 45 revolutions / minute RIAA phono preamplifier integrated (compatible with cells MM) USB port for scanning discs Belt drive adjustable counterweight adjustable antiskating Solid acrylic tray MDF frame and marble DC motor technology "P.R.S3" Measures Type: External Belt transmission speeds: 33.3 and 45 rpm / min Speed ​​accuracy: ± 0.33% Wow and flutter 67 dB or more (A-weigh...

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Teac UD-503

Sreaming and Network player


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