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Dynaudio Acoustics Speakerstand

Stand son

Use with Dynaudio Acoustics studio monitors....

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Dynaudio Acoustics Excite X14 (Each)


SOLD TO PAIR ONLY =========================================================================================================================== Speaker Dynaudio Excite X14 The X14 is the most compact Excite model yet delivers true high-end sound quality to any system by virtue of its long-excursion mid/woofer, refined soft dome tweeter and first-class crossover components. The exquisite sonic balance, underscored by an unbelievably deep, fast and perfectly co...

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Dynaudio Acoustics EXCITE X24 ( Center )


Captivating Excite sound quality in your home theater: The easy-to-set-up, compact X24 Center rounds out the Excite Series as the ideal solution for surround systems. The X24 features dual mid/woofers flanking a fabric dome tweeter, while its 8 Ohm impedance renders it a perfect match with any AV receiver in a modern, high performance home theater. A seamless, enveloping sound and homogenous integration with the Excite main and surround loudspeakers is achieved v...

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Dynaudio Acoustics XEO 2 ( Each )


SOLD TO PAIR ONLY =========================================================================================================================== Details TYPE Wireless Speaker COLORS Black COLORS SPEAKERS Black MULTIROOM Multiroom SOURCE TYPE Wireless POWER 2 x 65 watts NUMBER OF HP 2 speakers ACUTE 27 mm, flexible dome GRAVE 140 mm, cone MSP, bowl alu, reel alu OS COMPATIBLE iOS, Android, Universal, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac INP...

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Dynaudio Acoustics EXCITE X34 ( Each )


SOLD TO PAIR ONLY =========================================================================================================================== Details COLORS SPEAKERS Others LOAD TYPE Bass Reflex rear PERMISSIBLE POWER 200 Watts (IEC) NUMBER OF WAYS 2 ways NUMBER OF HP 3 speakers FREQUENCY RESPONSE 37 Hz - 23 kHz (± 3 dB) PERFORMANCE 86 dB IMPEDANCE 8 Ohms TWEETER Soft Dome 25 mm BOOMER 2x, long travel 130 mm AMAGNETIC SHIELD No...

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Dynaudio Acoustics Excite X38( Each )


SOLD TO PAIR ONLY =========================================================================================================================== Speaker Dynaudio Excite X38 More sound volume, more detail, more high-end: A deep, powerful and vibrant sound quality, even in larger spaces. The Excite flagship model X38 utilizes two 18cm diameter woofers featuring characteristic Dynaudio driver technologies, including: lightweight but rigid MSP cone memb...

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Dynaudio Acoustics EXCITE X44 ( Each )


SOLD TO PAIR ONLY =========================================================================================================================== Details COLORS SPEAKERS Black LOAD TYPE Bass Reflex rear ELIGIBLE POWER 250 watts (IEC) NUMBER OF WAYS 3 ways NUMBER OF HP 4 Speakers FREQUENCY RESPONSE 27 Hz - 23 kHz (+ -3dB) PERFORMANCE 89 dB IMPEDANCE 4 Ohms TWEETER 25 mm, flexible dome, Esotec + MEDIUM 140 mm, cone MSP, Esotec + BOOM...

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