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Information about Fostex

The Fostex Company was founded in July 1973 by Foster Electric Co.,Ltd. (founded 1949), one of the world's largest developers of OEM speaker and transducer products, employing over 20,000 people in nine countries/territories. Foster Electric Co.,Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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Fostex PC-1E


PC-1 black - passive volume control for active speakers, 3.5mm mini-jack stereo input, 2x RCA outputs, robust thomann metal chassis and machined aluminium knob. Includes: Stereo mini cable (0.8 m) x 1, RCA cable (1 m) x 2, Dimensions: 52 x 37 x 60mm. Weight: 120g, color: black...

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Fostex PC100USB


FOSTEX PC-100USB Fostex PC-100USB monitor volume controller The PC-100USB is a high-end version of the PC-1 (W) that converts the USB digital audio signal into an analog signal to power amplified speakers such as PM0.4n, PM0.5n, and so on. for high quality audio reproduction. The volume for the left and right monitors can be controlled simultaneously at your convenient position. It also offers a headphone output (mini stereo) for monitoring the headphones. ...

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Fostex PM0.5D BLACK

Speaker Monitoring

Monitoring speakers Fostex PM0.5 D Black (the pair) Precision and reliability, a must-have model! Magnetically shielded, the ideal choice for small listening booths studio or home studio and broadcast / post applications. prod. • Setting the volume on the back. PM0.5D Frequency response: 55 - 20,000 Hz Tweeter: 20 mm (0.75 ") Power amp tweeter: 35 W Boomer: 130 mm (5 ") Power amp boomer: 35 W Connections: XLR / Jack 6.35 mm Dimensions: 181 x 280...

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