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Information about JTS

Technology and art are two imperatives for designing microphones.
JTS has succeeded in combining these two elements up to excellence.
Over the past 25 years, JTS has invested heavily in research and development on microphones. All these efforts make JTS microphones a legend in performance, reliability and accessibility.
Important dates:
2010: JTS is rewarded as one of the 10 TOP 10 brands in the Chinese Pro Audio and Lighting Industry.
2007: The total number of JTS distributors in the world is 57.
2003: The company acquires a 15,000 m2 plot to build the Kun Shan plant.
The first back-electret condenser capsule is developed.
PLL UHF wireless microphone systems are on the market, creating a new benchmark in the wireless microphone industry.
2002: Development of the first UHF microphone system ends, production begins.
The Taiwan plant receives ISO-9001 certification.
2001: The microphone series for instruments and vocals, NX-. Is put on the market: it very quickly becomes a flagship product in the microphone industry.
2000: Taky Electronics Ltd becomes JTS Professional LTD and distributes JTS professional products worldwide.
1999: The first mass-produced microphone test station is placed on the market.
1996: The Taiwan plant receives ISO-902 certification.
1990: The legendary series of D-25 microphone capsules is launched and is fast becoming the top seller.
1989: The UDM-920 is launched on the market and quickly becomes a flagship product.
1982: Taky Electronics Ltd moved to Taichung, Taiwan.

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JTS IN-264TH/5


Remoset technology for receiver / transmitter synchronization Sensitivity adjustment (-12 dB to +12 dB) Lock / Mute function Removal of handling noise and use Reduced sensitivity to feedback Solid body Display 5 levels of battery status, low battery, illuminated LCD display   Technical characteristics   Type Handheld Microphone   Transmission type Wireless   Cardioid Feature   Dynamic system   Carrier frequency range 506-542 MHz   Transmitting po...

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JTS IN-264R/5


These features are found in the IN-264 system, with an innovative design and switchable transmission power. A high-quality wireless audio transmission up to 300 m in open field is possible. About the broadcast: REMOSET allows a simple setting of frequencies for hand or pocket transmitters, via the receiver. By means of a radio signal, the transmission channel can be set without the need for visual contact even during a stage performance. An innovative carrier analysis method provides an im...

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