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Information about Marantz

Marantz offers two ranges différentes.La range "RANGE" is known for its offering of multiple combinations of HIFI systems to suit all styles. At the highest level, the range "PREMIUM" guarantees more purist audiophiles the ultimate in music reproduction.
Higher categories of devices have been developed, such as models "REFERENCE" faithfully reproducing the purest musical emotion.
And finally the series of Ken Ishiwata devices offer unparalleled quality. Ken Ishiwata is a great audio designer who sound reproduction must move the listener feeling like no other could do. His signature on a Marantz is the guarantee of a high-fidelity without compromise.

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Marantz PM5005

Power Amplifcateur

Amplifier Marantz PM5005 New to the Marantz collection, this excellent entry-level integrated amplifier breaks all the rules. That’s because it’s the first in its class to offer current feedback architecture – a feature that normally is reserved for the more expensive models. This technology provides very fast and accurate signal handling, which results in perfectly balanced stereo sound reproduction as well as a very open and precise sound stage. It’s also been recently enhanced w...

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Marantz CD5005

Cd player Hifi

CD Player Marantz CD5005 The new CD5005 incorporates everything its predecessor, the CD5004, offered including the Marantz-own HDAM-SA2, but this year it features an upgraded DAC CS4398 and new CD mechanism – both taken from its big brother, the CD6005. As you’d expect, it plays CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as MP3 and WMA files. It includes customised components for sound tuning and an extra-reliable CD transport mechanism. The Audio EX(clusive) mode further enhances sound qual...

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Marantz PM6006

Power Amplifcateur

The PM6006 amplifier is the successor to the award-winning PM6005. We have of course retained the preamplification and power amplification sections equipped with exclusive discrete components. We removed all the integrated circuits on the signal path.   The PM6006 model has been improved to better manage current peaks at the amplifier; You can fine tune the sound in much more detail. You can directly connect this built-in amplifier to a wide range of digital sources and use its high-level ...

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Marantz CD6006

Cd player Hifi

The new CD6006 is an enhanced version with carefully selected components. Equipped with a new circuit comparable to that of its predecessor, the CD6005, awarded best CD player less than 600 euros by the magazine What HiFi. We've added massive feet to suppress vibrations. Oversized power supplies the digital and analog circuits of the player while the high-quality digital converter CS4398 converts digital signals into analog signals. The signals are then sent to the gold-plated RCA outputs by the...

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Marantz MCR611 ( Silver gold )


MARANTZ HI-FI SYSTEM MCR611 Overview As soon as you look at the M-CR611, you'll know that it embodies pure refinement. Its high-gloss black finish and soft-curved side panels immediately give it an elegance and style that will impress you. The center is black or white Apple and the color of the front lighting can be changed to white, blue, green or orange to give it a personal touch. But the M-CR611 is not only beautiful, it is also a superb performer tha...

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Marantz M-CR611 (Silver-mint)


MARANTZ HI-FI SYSTEM MCR611 As soon as you look at the M-CR611, you will know that it embodies pure refinement. Its high-gloss black finish and soft-curved side panels give it an elegant and stylish look that will surely impress you. The center is in black or white Apple and the color of the front lighting can be changed to white, blue, green or orange to give it a personal touch. But the M-CR611 is not only beautiful, it is also a superb interpreter that restores the ...

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Marantz MCR611 ( Black )


The moment you see the M-CR611 you’ll know that this latest incarnation is pure refinement. With a high-gloss jet-black finish and organically curved side panels, the immediate impression is style and elegance. The centre comes in either black or apple white and the front colour illumination can be changed to white, blue, green or orange for a customisable flourish. The M-CR611 not only looks superb, it’s also a superb performer, reproducing excellent CD-audio, FM, DAB/DAB+ and Network files. De...

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Marantz NR1608

Amplifier AV

CHARACTERISTICS Amplification Number of Amplifiers: 7 Output power per channel: - 6 ohms, 1 kHz, 1%, mono: 90 W - 6 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7%, stereo: 70 W - 8 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 0.08%, stereo: 50 W Signal to noise ratio: 98 dB Multichannel Surround Sound DTS HD Master Audio / DTS: X ...

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Marantz PM7005

Power Amplifcateur

Amplifier Marantz PM7005 The PM7005 is a fully discrete, current feedback integrated amplifier with USB-DAC functionality. It is simply perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and a maximum of flexible operation, which is provided by the highly versatile DAC-mode. The amplifier delivers a powerful 2x 60W into 8 ohm, while the symmetrical circuits ensure perfect image balancing. To guarantee best sound quality, the PM7005 includes high-grade audio components, cu...

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Marantz SR6013

Amplificateur Hifi-DLNA

Marantz SR-6013 The Marantz SR6013 home cinema amplifier is a 9.2 model, capable of delivering 2x110 W in hi-fi conditions and up to 185 W per channel. Compatible with Heos multiroom, it allows listening to HD audio files, as well as online music services. It differs from the Marantz SR-6012 by its support for Amazon Alexa voice control technologies (update to come), an MM phono input, a web configuration interface and its HDMI eARC audio return technology (update to come ). More p...

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Marantz NA8005

Sreaming and Network player

Wherever your favourite music is stored, you can now enjoy it in crystal clarity, because the NA8005 Network Audio Player with USB-DAC connects to everything – to your PC, external hard disc, your NAS as well as to Internet radio and music service Spotify Connect. Moreover, the DAC-mode features optical and coaxial digital input as well as USB-B which means you can use the NA8005’s high-quality DAC and high-quality audio output stage with HDAM-SA2 modules for music directly streamed from your PC...

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Marantz TT-15S1

vinyl turntable

Turntable Marantz TT-15S1 Analogue purists behold: the TT-15S1 Premium Range turntable is here. It has a solid acrylic resin chassis in design style of the Premium Range, a 3 cm-thick heavy acrylic platter with a black felt cover, solid aluminium feet, and stateof- the-art ceramic bearings, so it almost eliminates chassis resonance. The Marantz exclusive MM-system in a stylish ebony body is directly fixed to the high-grade audio interconnector reducing signal resistance to a minimu...

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Marantz PM-14S1 Special Edition

Power Amplifcateur

The new Series 14 Special Edition takes you to new audio pleasures. This series has been carefully studied for reading high resolution files. The audiophile amplifier PM14S1 SE represents the epitome of quality. It incorporates all the characteristics one would expect from an amplifier of this level, including exceptional quality components such as an oversized toroidal transformer, a 5 mm solid aluminum hood, and Chassis to minimize vibration to ensure the purest possible s...

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Marantz SA-14S1

Cd player Hifi

SACD & CD Player Marantz SA-14S1 The new SA-14S1 includes an oversized Toroidal transformer and a strong power supply section that generates the cleanest of power to eliminate component cross-contamination. This is the perfect platform referencequality sound, and for the Marantz disc mechanism to provide superb CD and SACD sound quality. But that’s just the start of this amazing player. It includes a DAC-mode that’s almost identical in functionality to that of the revolutionary...

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Marantz PM-14S1

Power Amplifcateur

Amplifier Marantz PM-14S1 Available in black or champagne colour, the new 14 Series features an entirely new pre-amp design and represents a quantum leap forward in performance. This is the epitome of extreme quality and is, quite simply, a masterpiece. As you would expect from such an elite amp, it includes exceptionalquality components such as Toroidal transformer and subsystems throughout its construction. In addition, it incorporates improved customized components, Marantz ...

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