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Information about Onkyo

The company was founded in 1946 under the name of Osaka Denki Onkyo KK Onkyo Corporation Group currently includes the Integra and Integra Research divisions as well as the main Onkyo brand. It is headed by Naoto Othsuki. The early years of its history, Onkyo has developed innovative products and became synonymous with excellence and high quality in speakers and audio components name. The 70s saw the success of Onkyo receivers.

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Onkyo CS-265 black


AMPLIFIER AND CD PLAYER FEATURES 20 W / channel (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 10% total harmonic distortion, 2 channels in service, IEC standard) Powerful digital amplifier for clear, balanced stereo sound Full digital audio processing Bluetooth version 4.0 for mobile devices, tablets and PCs Fast and convenient NFC connection for Bluetooth broadcasting (NFC-compatible devices only) Playback of audio CD, CD-R and CD-RW and MP3 encoded * Front USB port for iPod / iPhone / iPad ...

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Onkyo CS-265 white


Elegant and colorful, the Onkyo CS-265 follows the Onkyo CS-255 model which includes the main ingredients, sprinkled with some improvements: amplification gains power to reach 2 x 20 Watts, Bluetooth wireless connectivity appears and benefits from the NFC simplified pairing while the Lightning connector is abandoned in favor of the front USB port which takes again the main functions, namely the recharging of the battery and the digital direct reading for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. It is availabl...

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Onkyo TX-8250

Power Amplifcateur

Connected stereo Hi-Fi amplifier ONKYO TX-8250 The TX-8250 features audio streaming technologies in multiple rooms Built-in Chromecast, FireConnect ™ and DTS Play-Fi® * running on 5GHz / 2.4GHz Wi-Fi® for a stable connection. You can listen music from Spotify®, TIDAL, TuneIn and Deezer streaming services, stream from iTunes or other apps through AirPlay feature or transmit with Bluetooth® technology. Being at the heart of your hi-fi experience, the receiver has m...

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Onkyo TX-NR676

Amplifier AV

CHARACTERISTICS 7-channel amplification Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) High power solid-state transformer H.C.P.S. (High Current Power Supply) Discrete component output stages PLL (Phase Locked Loop) clock control technology for S / PDIF audio Output power: 135 W (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1% THD, 1 channel in service, IEC) Total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N): 0.08% (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 50 W) Network / streaming WiFi and Ethernet network c...

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Onkyo TX-8270

Power Amplifcateur

CHARACTERISTICS Design Large high-current E-I transformer Non-phase shift amplifier circuit with discrete output stages Optimized Gain Volume Circuit AKM 384 kHz / 32-bit D / A converter (AK4438) Noise filtering technology VLSC (Linear vector sampling circuit) Wi-Fi dual band 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz for stable connectivity Built-in Chromecast, DTS Play-Fi, AirPlay, Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn and Deezer platforms included Broadcasting network / analogue audio in m...

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Onkyo TX-RZ810

Amplifier AV

A Receiver to Make Dreams a Reality If you’re dreaming of the high-end but are stuck on a mid-level budget, here’s your solution. Painstakingly engineered for immensely powerful yet controlled THX® Cinema Reference sound, the TX-RZ810 also comes with features you really want, such as Google Cast™, AirPlay, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth. Add an optional Onkyo speaker and mirror whatever’s playing on the home cinema in another room via FireConnect™ technology*, without cables and using our app...

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Onkyo TX-RZ720

Amplifier AV

CHARACTERISTICS Amplification Power: 250 W on the front channels (3 Ohms) Power: 220 W on the front channels (4 Ohms) Power: 130 W on the front channels (8 Ohms) Power all channels: 175 W at 6 Ohms (1 kHz) DHT: 0.08% (20 Hz-20 kHz, at mid power) Tuner FM: 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz AM: 522 kHz to 1.611 kHz 530 kHz-1,710 kHz FM / AM Presets 40 stations Comfort functions HDMI 1080p 3D and 4K 60Hz, HDR (High Dynamic Range), ARC...

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Onkyo HT-S9800THX

Home theater speaker

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS AM / PM TUNER Amplifier section Output Power All channels 165 W / channel (6 Ω, 1 kHz, 1% DHT,  1 channel in service) Dynamic power 240 W (3 Ω, front)  210 W (4 Ω, front)  120 W (8 Ω, front) DHT + B (total harmonic distortion + noise)  0.08% (20 Hz-20 kHz, half power) Input sensitivity and impedance  200 mV / 47 kΩ (line)  3.5 mV / 47 kΩ (phono MM) Nominal output level and impedance on RCA  1 V /...

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Onkyo P-3000R

Power Amplifcateur

CHARACTERISTICS Stereo Preamp RIAA Preamplifier Headphone amplifier Double DAC TI Burr Brown PCM1795 32/192 Asynchronous USB controller 32/192 (Windows drivers to download) Double pre-out output Audiophile design Tone control: + - 8 dB at 50 Hz and + - 8 dB at 20 kHz Measures DHT: 0.005% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (full power) Input sensitivity and impedance: 200 mV / 47 kOhms (line) and 2.7 MV / 47 kOhms (phono MM) Line output level...

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Onkyo TX-NR3010

Amplifier AV

9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver Onkyo TX-NR3010 Thrill to the Power of Nine-Channel Entertainment The ultimate hub for house-wide entertainment, the TX-NR3010 can drive audio in three rooms, output high-resolution video on two displays, and stream audio via DLNA all controlled by your iPhone or Android-powered phone. With a total of 11 HDMI® ports (including MHL™ for smart phone) and 11.4-channel pre-outs, the home cinema setup possibilities are limited only by your imag...

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Onkyo TX-NR5010

Amplifier AV

9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver Onkyo TX-NR5010 Tradition Meets Technology in Our Stunning New Flagship Model The culmination of nearly 70 years’ audio engineering experience , our flagship model celebrates Onky o’s proud heritage while pushing the boundaries of technology even further. Behind the thick anti-resonant exterior panels, you’ll find a massive toroidal transformer—assisted by separate transformers for audio and video processing—to power the Three-Stage Invert...

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