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Information about Plantronics

Since the day two airline pilots devised in their garage a new radio headset for aviation until today, technological advances in the field of audio always have been part of everyday life. We have been a pioneer in the marketing of the first portable and lightweight helmets helmets but also noise-canceling technology. Our goal has always been to promote simply smarter communications.

Result? Our products are used by all kinds of professionals: pilot astronauts through employees of emergency services and all of the top 100 companies in the Fortune magazine. For a conversation among friends separated by thousands of kilometers, a discussion of mobile phones among business travelers or exchange between centers of administrative appeals and services, Plantronics is the solution adopted by all those who make the choice of digital technology to satisfy their natural need for communication.

Plantronics is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: PLT) and its head office is based in Santa Cruz, California. Our company has offices in 20 countries and very important infrastructure in China, England, Mexico and the Netherlands. Our products are sold through a worldwide network of authorized channel partners including resellers, system integrators, distributors and mobile services.

Half a century later we always strive to provide you with simply smarter communications which combines innovative design and advanced technology.

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