Denon PRIME 4

Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
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  • Virtual Dj Denon PRIME 4
  • Virtual Dj Denon PRIME 4
  • Virtual Dj Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
Denon PRIME 4
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Warranty: 24 months

Product Information


4-way standalone DJ system with 10 "touch screen

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Stand-alone 4-channel DJ system with 10-inch multi-touch screen, dedicated zone output, professional mixing section, performance pads, two microphone channels and a 2.5-inch internal bay for connecting a hard drive.

A touch screen size XXL!
The Prime 4 features a stunning 10-inch multi-touch screen for an interactive experience with the most advanced DJ music library. DJs can touch, organize, move, and play their music with a single swipe of the finger for the ultimate, technology-driven touch experience. Prime 4 offers this Mainstage experience to any DJ, and any venue or live performance environment.

Unparalleled creative energy
The Prime 4's eight performance pads give DJs added expressiveness and creativity to easily trigger hot cues, remix songs via loop, roll or slice modes and deliver energetic energy to the audience on the dancefloor. The Prime 4 also has advanced real-time timestrech and pitch modulation capabilities that match the quality of today's music production software with a simple fingertip control - never seen before. an autonomous DJ system.

Perform for 2 audiences at a time!
Denon DJ innovates and offers a "world premiere" with the independent Zone 4 Prime release that allows you to send a complete playlist of music in a completely separate place, while the DJ performs in front of the crowd in the main room. In addition, the Prime 4 can access a literally unlimited number of music files with no less than four USB inputs, an SD card slot and a SATA connector available for internal mounting of a hard drive. It's easy to record your entire live set on any connected media source!

Control audio and visual effects
The mixing section of the Prime 4 includes 14 pro-club DJ effects, which can be manipulated via the 3 potentiometers available per channel for quick settings of the parameters. In addition, everyone has an Oled display for clear and precise information. In addition, DJs can operate on each channel a dual function encoder that can control the filter or the 4 Sweep FX effects. In addition, the Prime 4 allows remote lighting or video management via StagelinQ connectivity and Soundswitch, Timecode and Resolume applications compatible with the Denon DJ protocol.

Manage your music library
Install Engine Prime music management software on your Mac or PC to import your digital music collections from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, Native Instruments Traktor Pro ™ or Rekordbox ™. Then export your playlists to an external storage medium, then connect it to your Prime 4 to play your music. The Prime 4 is also able to accurately analyze onboard beatgrid, BPM, harmonic key or images related to all of your songs, without a computer. It's easy to organize your playlist directly from Prime 4.

Built to last - Built to perform!
The Prime 4 builds on Denon DJ's legacy of over 25 years of engineering and audio manufacturing excellence, with robust metal build quality and clean, detailed 24-bit sound, unique to Denon DJ. . Prime 4 is a one-of-a-kind product, the only product available to offer a standalone 4-channel experience, all without a computer.


- 4-way standalone DJ system with Engine Prime technology
- 10-inch HD multi-touch screen with adjustable tilt
- Xlr Zone dedicated output to send a different playlist to a second audience
- SATA bay for internal mounting of a 2.5 inch hard disk
- 16 RGB backlit pads with Hot-cue mode, Loop, Roll, Slicer
- Heavy-duty 6-inch metal trays with HD central display and customizable LED outline
- Autoloop wheel and manual buckle section
- Beat Jump, Track Skip, Auto Loop, Beat Grid and Pitch Bend buttons
- Key Lock and Slip mode functions
- 100 mm pitch fader
- Timestrech in real time for extreme tempo changes
- 4 Rca line level inputs including 2 switchable phono
- 2 Xlr microphone inputs with individual controls, Echo and Talkover mode
- Xlr and Rca master output, Xlr booth, 6.35 mm and 3.5 mm headphones
- StagelinQ RJ45 connection for control of lighting and video via compatible software (optional)
- Playback of uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
- Legendary 24-bit audio quality
- 4 USB ports and 1 SD card slot to connect multiple media sources
- 1 USB B port to connect to a PC / Mac
- Cross fader interchangeable by the user
- USB keyboard compatible for searching in your digital libraries
- Coming soon with Serato DJ
- Weight and dimensions: 9.7 kg, 728 x 497 x 104