Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )

Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
  • Headphone pro Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
  • Headphone pro Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
  • Headphone pro Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
Pioneer DJ HDJ S7 ( Noir )
Pioneer DJ
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Warranty: 24 months

Product Information

Pioneer DJ

Professional supra-aural DJ headphones


Control your mixes comfortably over long periods of time with the HDJ-S7 headphones with superior audio quality, advanced durability and improved hold. Thanks to its 40 mm high-definition headphones, it delivers the same high-resolution sound from 5kHz to 40kHz as our circumaural model, HDJ-X10. Ideal for DJ monitoring, it offers a better separation of sounds, between the rich bass and the medium to high treble frequencies.

The HDJ-S7 headset has been designed with the advice of highly respected international DJs. The result is a flexible helmet, with smaller toe caps, an adjustable headband, and a 45-degree adjustable swivel, so you can use it comfortably no matter how you wear it. . Built to last, it has been rigorously tested to be able to accompany you durably in the cabin.



Do not miss a crumb of your music with high-resolution, high-resolution sound. With a superior separation of the left and right channels and a Bass Reflex chamber, the headphones are ideal for professional monitoring.
The HDJ-S7 headset is equipped with our new 40mm high-definition headphones, capable of reproducing high-resolution sound from 5Hz to 40kHz. Offering a clear separation of sounds, between the rich and taut bass and the medium frequencies with very pure hautres, this helmet delivers the precise and extremely clear sound that is necessary for an effective monitoring.

• 4-core intermixed cable
The independent ground wire in the 4-core interwoven cable provides superior separation of the left and right channels, improving sound quality.

• Bass Reflex Room
The Bass Reflex chamber in the upper compartment provides excellent bass response and superb sound isolation.


Even on the roads, your helmet can withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. Durable metal has been used in moving parts, giving the structure a strength that has even successfully passed the US Military Standard Shock Resistance Test *.


Created by listening to the advice and advice of many international DJs, it's comfortable no matter how you prefer to wear it. With a flexible pivot and an improved grip, it can adjust to any style of monitoring.

• Pivot mechanism for all monitoring styles
Thanks to the feedback of many international DJs, we were able to ensure that the HDJ-S7 headset is comfortable to use for all monitoring styles, especially when it is placed on your neck with the pivot set at 45 degrees on the front .

• Anti-slip
The outside of the helmet is textured for a better grip so you can quickly grab it, carry it to your ear or shoulder, and start listening.

• Comfortable headband
With a flexible and durable headband that has proven to open and close up to 20,000 times, the HDJ-S7 is geared up to withstand intensive use in the DJ booth.

• Soft ear cushions
We have improved the ear cushions to make them even more comfortable, made of a high quality urethane material, fleece and soft to the touch. We even positioned the seams so that you do not feel them.


• Type: dynamic, closed
• Speaker: Dome type 40 mm
• Cord: 1.2m coiled cord (expandable up to 3m) / 1.6m straight cord
• Maximum input power: 2000 mW
• Frequency range: 5 - 40,000 Hz
• Impedance: 48 Ω
• Weight: 0.25 kg